Old habits die hard…but it’s time to get back on track

It’s January 2011, I’m 200lbs at 24 years old and although I’ve wanted to lose weight for so long I still haven’t done it.  It was on my 25th birthday that I promised myself I’d start to live a healthier lifestyle.  I woke up one morning inspired – I decided that I’d begin to track my weight starting today, and wrote down a goal of losing 2lbs per week by exercising and eating less (detailed account of my weight loss plan).  After 7 months of dedication I stepped on the scale to find my goal was in reach and I only had a few more pounds to go before the numbers ONE FOUR ZERO displayed above my feet.

A Whole New World

Weight loss changed my life completely.  My daily routine was significantly different – physical activity and meal planning took up time that I used to spend watching television or eating out.  My old diet of McDonalds, frozen pizzas, and comfort food was gone…now I ate salads for sides instead of potatoes or macaroni and cheese, I chose turkey meat over pork and beef, my portions were based on physical activity instead of boredom, and I stopped drinking coca cola with every meal.  Not everyone in my life was supportive of my new eating habits, I received criticism from others and found that many felt I would now be judgmental of their eating habits, but I’ve only changed because I found what works for me.  In November 2011 I decided to start a blog about my weight loss success and never ending journey to maintain my health.  Until now I haven’t deviated from my healthy eating habits, December 2012 has been my first bump in the road, what do they say about old habits?

Old Habits Die Hard

Homemade sweets, lots of time on my hands, and bad weather all combined to create a month of laziness.  I don’t regret enjoying a hiatus from my new habits to enjoy holiday treats and dinners, but it’s time to get back on track.  Boredom eating in front of the television is my weakness, past lessons have taught me the best way to fight this habit is not to stock up on the foods I tend to overindulge in.  So now that the sweets have all been consumed, it’s time to move forward – fruit instead of fudge!

A New Years Resolution 

Campground Trail 1.5.13

Biking instead of couch potato-ing.

My resolution for 2013 is clear to me – maintain healthy habits.

My past has taught me that you have to start somewhere if you want to see any results.  Last night, as I sat there finishing off the last of the caramel popcorn, I decided it was time to put the sweets down and make a nutritious dinner.  I threw together a seasoned turkey burger (Italian seasonings) with vegetable rotini in tomato sauce with broccoli.  I continued the good habits by taking a bike ride at sunset from my house to the campground 4.6 miles away, and finished up my routine with a walk along the beach from the campground to the small island airport (2.6 miles).


Sunset walk.

This month I plan to resume walking or biking every day that the weather allows for it, and to take a 30 minute break from my evening television to complete a workout video at sparkpeople.com .  As far as food goes I’ll likely continue to indulge in some sweets and favorites, but I’ll be sure to include salads and vegetables in my daily meals and replace chocolate treats with fruits.

Now What?  Relationships and weight…

I keep revisiting the “Now What?” question – losing weight has only been the first step on a long road.  Maintaining my weight loss no matter what changes in life has become an ongoing challenge.  So now I begin to learn how to maintain my weight loss while in a relationship, how to resist pizza rolls and cookies, and instead make meals that I enjoy no matter what my partner chooses to eat.  I’m sure I’ll give in to the unhealthy options sometimes but as long as more often than not I stay true to healthy eating and exercise, I know I’ll continue to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.


Continuing the journey…

I’ll be taking it one day at a time like I always do, and I encourage all of my readers to do the same.

Remember – old habits may die hard but they’re only habits, replace them with new habits today and start your journey on the road to change.


4 thoughts on “Old habits die hard…but it’s time to get back on track

  1. I find this incredibly inspirational. I am overweight, and have been wanting to lose weight for some time now, but every time I hear about people losing weight they are doing it in an unhealthy manner, or they are trying for unhealthy goals. It is refreshing to hear about someone who is working hard to do it right. I Just may have to start this myself.

    • I did have a difficult time doing it the “healthy way” the first time I lost a significant amount of weight (I was 15 years old). Fad diets and diet pills can be tempting, but the fact is quick weight loss is almost impossible to maintain, slow and steady is the way to go. You can lose it, just make the right decisions along the way and the results will come!

  2. i came across this blog..i totallyu understand how u feel..right now i am feeling the same way.i have tried soo many times to lose weight,but then i go back to my old self.i dont have any confidence.i feel i look ugly.my self esteem is totally shattered.i pretty much hate myself now .every aspects of me.i hate the way i am..and for the fact tht i dont work hard to change my self in some way.i hate every aspect of mine.totally lost in life.no matter how hard i try i go back to my old ways

    • I just noticed this comment, somehow it slipped through the cracks on me!

      Cut yourself a break! Be nicer to yourself too 🙂 we all go back over and over again, it’s called relapsing and it’s really easy to do, the important thing is that you don’t let it discourage you from trying again. It took me years of relapsing before I actually made it to my goal weight and I’m back up to 175lbs now (I found out I was pregnant just after writing this blog so I didn’t make any progress in 2013 other than having my beautiful baby girl). Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy and once you do change it isn’t permanent, it takes continuous work. I hope that you will see this reply to the comment and that you will take steps to stop ‘hating yourself’ because I bet you’d be more successful if you gave yourself a break 🙂

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