When Facebook gets personal…

Facebook has become a site for everyone and is now the way people announce every significant and insignificant event in their life. Facebook statuses have become ways of communicating all types of messages to our friends, even the message that you are no longer considered a friend. Unfriending or changing a relationship status are examples of when Facebook gets personal and even painful. Alerting a once intimate friend that you no longer want them in your physical or virtual life via cyberspace while simultaneously announcing it to everyone else on your friends list can be done with a simple click of a button.

Humans are emotional creatures who can sometimes act on impulse, so my question is; can we really handle being able to convey messages so quickly and easily? Should we say the whole truth and nothing but the truth or should we all agree to follow some type of Facebook etiquette?

Facebook has completely changed social interaction as we knew it, and it’s changing all of us individually too.  We all have a responsibility to speak up (publicly or privately) when people get out of hand.  Let’s not forget the Stanford County Prison experiment What type of social order should there be on Facebook, and what will you do to keep or destroy it? One friend recently took a stand (http://mysophisticatedlife.com/2012/10/18/stop-the-madness/) and urged friends to research information gathered from the internet and television ads before posting comments that are confrontational and misinformed.  Generalized blogging and personal messages seem to be the best way to tell a Facebook friend that they may have gone too far.  Let’s see what social norms, if any, develop and how users will deem certain actions taboo and others appropriate.

My last thought is this:  Is the public arena of Facebook the place for gossip, confrontation, arguments, and important announcements? Would taking the time to call/skype/visit a person be a more appropriate way to communicate serious news/discuss frustrations?