Working out when you can’t go ‘out’

Since my move from New York City I’ve been spending more time than ever at home, and I’m realizing that maintaining my weight loss will require a home workout routine.  Not only are there fewer places to go here in Ocracoke when compared to New York City, there are also fewer reasons to go out as the town is mostly vacant and many businesses close earlier for the cold weather season. 

This weekend it was impossible to even walk outside the front door as hurricane Sandy made her way up the east coast and flooded many of the roads here on Ocracoke Island.  My Sunday plan to jog went out the window as a full stream of water flowed down my street just outside the front door.  I decided to prevent boredom eating, cabin fever, and laziness and started to search for a way to workout at home.  A few months ago my best friend Sonia visited me in New York City just before I relocated to Ocracoke Island, she told me about a website called, I signed up in August 2012 but rarely checked the e-mails sent to me by the site daily.  Today I decided to read some of the past newsletters and found a great 10-minute Pilates Workout, I clicked and found a plethora of free workout videos to try

So while I wait for the rivers to return to streets I’ll be at home, in my living room, working out to a video found on


2 thoughts on “Working out when you can’t go ‘out’

  1. Wow! Jess, I was just having this convo with my sister. I have gained 6 pounds since leaving New York. I’m guessing that’s because I’m not walking around as much. Gym memberships near my house are really expensive so I will definitely be giving this site a go. Thanks!

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