Working out when you can’t go ‘out’

Since my move from New York City I’ve been spending more time than ever at home, and I’m realizing that maintaining my weight loss will require a home workout routine.  Not only are there fewer places to go here in Ocracoke when compared to New York City, there are also fewer reasons to go out as the town is mostly vacant and many businesses close earlier for the cold weather season. 

This weekend it was impossible to even walk outside the front door as hurricane Sandy made her way up the east coast and flooded many of the roads here on Ocracoke Island.  My Sunday plan to jog went out the window as a full stream of water flowed down my street just outside the front door.  I decided to prevent boredom eating, cabin fever, and laziness and started to search for a way to workout at home.  A few months ago my best friend Sonia visited me in New York City just before I relocated to Ocracoke Island, she told me about a website called, I signed up in August 2012 but rarely checked the e-mails sent to me by the site daily.  Today I decided to read some of the past newsletters and found a great 10-minute Pilates Workout, I clicked and found a plethora of free workout videos to try

So while I wait for the rivers to return to streets I’ll be at home, in my living room, working out to a video found on


Learning how to read for fun

My favorite reading spot ~ sitting on a dock over the Pamlico Sound (the body of water west of Ocracoke Island in between the island and mainland).

Since my move to Ocracoke I’ve been working on reading a book called Lost in Translation by Jean Kwok.  On my last day in New York City I visited my good friends Lisa and Saul, who must have hundreds of books in their home that I’m sure have all been read.  While visiting I returned Crime and Punishment to Saul – I had the book for several months but never made the time to read it.  I’m hoping that the quiet nature of my new home and the increase in free time will push me to finish the 5 books I acquired at the village thrift store yesterday.

Do others out there have trouble starting or finishing a book?  Do you have any suggestions of ways to concentrate on reading or make time to read?  Are there people that used to dislike reading that have come to love it?

Stopping to smell the roses…

It’s been almost a month since I made the move from New York City to Ocracoke Island in North Carolina.  My perception of time has already changed so much, and I’m learning to just stop and smell the roses.

Took a break from writing my blog to check out this little guy who walked up to me while I sat outside and sipped my latte at the Ocracoke Coffee shop. (

Two years ago all I wanted was to live somewhere new where I could learn to be healthier, meet new people, and do things I had never done before and I can honestly say that’s exactly what I did with my time in New York City.  After two years I became a completely different person, physically and mentally.

Left photo taken June 2010 on my first day in NYC, right photo taken August 2012 days before I moved to Ocracoke Island, NC.

I was excited about the changes, and wouldn’t have been able to make them if I hadn’t lived in New York.  But living in a large city comes with a cost and I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it.  After weighing all of my options and being laid off, I decided to take a week to say goodbye to the city.   The timing was perfect – my best friend from Cleveland  requested a week off of work months ago, I expected I’d be working during her visit, but my new situation allowed me to become her full-time tour guide.

Sonia and I enjoying a late night snack while exploring the East Village, we came across this Cuban Bistro and enjoyed tapas and dessert before our ride back up to the Bronx.

We started uptown at Columbia University, and worked our way down through Times Square and Central Park.  We crossed the Hudson and the East River to see the Manhattan Skyline from New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.  We walked through the West Village, East Village, Soho, Noho, and Nolita.  We ate in cafe’s, shopped at Bloomingdale’s and in Chinatown, we took ferries, the subway, and cabs, we saw weird and interesting performances in Union Square and Washington Square Park, and we almost got robbed by children.  It was an adventure to say the least.  After a week of fun I was ready to rest and take some time to slow down.

A photo taken during one of my many days exploring the city alone.

In the weeks before my friends visit so much had changed.  Days before a scheduled family vacation to Ocracoke Island in North Carolina my employer notified me that when I returned my position would no longer be my position– I was being laid off.  It was scary and freeing news as I was already considering leaving the city because of the cost of living, air/noise pollution, the rough commutes, and the overall stressful nature of life in the city.  While on vacation I started wonder what it would be like to slow down and enjoy my time instead of rushing through it.

From left to right ~ Aunt Robin, me, Jaden, Rainevan, Jacey ~ Vacation on Ocracoke Island 2012.

Ocracoke was the opposite of New York in so many ways but still similar.  Unlike New York the community in Ocracoke is close knit and small, yet each summer tourists from all over the world visit for vacation and the faces of the town constantly change as people come and go.  Looking for work was very different in Ocracoke than in Ohio or New York, and instead of applying to countless positions online, in Ocracoke you make contact with an employer directly and inquire about a position.  With the help of a friend I met on vacation I was able to find work, and a place to live.

The decision was final in September 2012 when I purchased a one-way ticket from Columbus Ohio to Ocracoke Island, NC.

Lounging on the beach in October 2012.

So just as I had done before I packed up and moved. I’ll miss my friends in New York, I’ll even miss some of the places, but after rushing for two years I’m looking forward to stopping to smell the roses more and stressing less.

Miss you friends! From left to right ~ Jon, me, Will, Dana ~ a night out in Brooklyn January 2012.