Should weight be such a popular topic in our society or do we need to reevaluate the way we see and interact with others no matter their waste size…



You can have the most mind-blowing accomplishments on your mantle or have had the most illustrious career.    You can be the most giving, saintly creature on Earth or have the sharpest sense of humor there ever was.

Add to any of the above some extra pounds and that is all people refer to and talk about.   I know a handful of people who are remarkable men and women who have made incredible contributions to society.   They also struggle with their bodies.    A few of them are obese, others are pleasantly plump.     While the latter are lucky enough to hear the occasional snide comment, the former hear nothing but words about their weight.


Shelley Winters was a great actress.  I mean, an incredible talent.   An uncanny ability to create authenticity that was very rare in those days.   She was a prized…

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      • Hey I didn’t realize that came over as a comment! I thought I emailed it to you lol. I did it from my phone. I enjoyed this guy’s blog…and have never understood discrimination against size. It’s one of the worst types. So hurtful. It’s a shame there need to be reminders like this that it’s unacceptable. My only concern is for health…but I’d love family and friends at any size regardless.

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