My battle with earworms

I’m writing today to open up about my battle with earworms. I’ve spent years fighting this tragic condition that is not only disruptive in my life, but also causes pain to those I love.

Earworm sufferers: I hope for those infected this space can serve as an open forum where earworms can be shared and cures can be discussed.

Friends of Earworm sufferers: I empower you to use this area to openly discuss (with positivity) your personal coping strategies. I want the families, friends, coworkers, and other loved ones of those effected by earworms to use this space as well to support one another in maintaining relationships despite the risks.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with earworms you can find more information here: defines an earworm as “an irritatingly catchy tune”. Earworms are common, “a recent poll suggested over 90% of the population experience them at least once a week” says a University of London article (

While I don’t remember my first outbreak, I do recall the distressing voices of family and friends who pleaded for me to stop reciting catchy song excerpts. It wasn’t just songs though; film quotes, catch phrases…anything that I remembered could become a contagious earworm to those around me. My least favorite earworm can be seen here: I remember singing the jingle and physically reacting to prevent from finishing the song.

Unfortunately, my battle continues today. Last week I watched Jamar Rogers ( perform during his first competition on NBC’s The Voice (see here and last night I met Jamar for the first time after my roommate Jose invited me to his going away gathering. ImageFor over a week now I’ve been battling the ear worm “I want to know what love is”. The earworm is only that line from the song, and at times a follow-up is added: “I want you to show me”. My goal this week is to cure the “I want to know what love is” earworm and stop the relentless torturing of the earlobes attached to those I care about most.

Again, I’d like to see this post foster a supportive community for those effected by earworms. I hope you’ll all feel open to share your personal experiences and battles here. I welcome all comments and will continue to fight this tragic condition. Thank you for reading, I know sharing with you all has already helped me in my personal battle with earworms.


2 thoughts on “My battle with earworms

  1. Thank you for this. This really hits home with me, as I’m currently afflicted with the strain of earworm known as “Call Me Maybe”.

    May we all one day find peace and silence.

    • Thanks for reading “R”, I’ve recently found that listening to relaxing sounds can help. If you have a smart phone check out an app called “sleep machine lite”, I prefer wind chimes or rain. “Call Me Maybe” will be a tough earworm to fight, best of luck 🙂

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